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Mr. Sabbir Ahmed Murtaza is an expert in Solar Energy projects. He has over 18+ year’s experiences in leading cross-cultural and cross-geographical teams with a track record of performance in cost reduction/revenue growth and productivity improvements through ecient P&L management, network expansion and successful execution of value proposition. He is also Chairman of Independent Energy and Executive Director of Rural Energy & Development Initiative (REDI). 

A team leader and impressive communicator with a passion for numbers, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to build and coach high performance teams. Visionary with a steadfast commitment to excellence and the ability to serve as a catalyst for creating new business opportunities.


SSS Enterprise is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in researching and developing solar energy technology, digital technology and theirs applied. SSS Enterprise was founded in Dec, 2011. Accompanied with professionals in sputtering processes and lamination, our team is fully capable of developing its position. We aim on providing superior quality products to our customer at the most competitive price. We expand our business range very quickly so that we can make sure the quality and lead time.

Having realized the true potential of solar energy and its importance, humans are now devising methods to utilize solar energy in our daily lives since it is a major source of renewable energy and in the fact that makes it all the more valuable. Some well-known solar energy utilizing devices are solar cooker, water heater, solar cells which can be used in multiple devices. To make it mandatory to utilize this source of energy  to the maximum, many countries have set norms for building green buildings. These are energy efficient and are dependent primarily on solar energy. They also help in cost cutting.


The main motivation of using solar is to save our environment and give an endorsement of energy crisis. But can we imagine there could be so many reasons many reasons which make us amazed.


SSS Enterprise is in business for a purpose to make a big difference in the fight against climate change using construction-integrated solar solutions. To bring access to clean energy and employment for people in remote locations of Bangladesh and to use clean energy for the benefit of health, and education, economic and commercial activities to improve the quality of life of the rural population of Bangladesh.


The global warming is now deeply affecting our living earth. Rising oil price also helps people to be more concerned about saving energy and reduce GHG emissions. SSS Enterprise is willing to develop effective solutions for solving these issues from the root causes. 

Photovoltaic is the best way to use abundant sunlight to convert electricity for household and commercial usage. 

SSS Enterprise chooses thin-film technology as its initial step to enter energy saving industry. This could help us to be less dependent to the raw materials and consume less energy itself during production. All products that are used in the process do not contain any toxic materials. This could be more environmental friendly in the long-term. We want to realize the independent energy for every household and everyone in the world in the cheapest and easiest way.

PRODUCTS: Our customers have a wide choice of the most effective and appropriate, cost-effective and well-engineered solar solutions from a company aiming for the most reliable sales and installation service.

PROFITABILITY: We pursue robust year-on-year growth and significant returns for our investors. Achieving our mission will be impossible without such profitability and we believe that the sum of all our other business principles increases our chances of achieving it.

PEOPLE: Our goal is to build an inspirational team who are themselves inspired by their mission, their work, their work conditions and their personal development.

ENVIRONMENTAL: We strive in company practice for the highest envi ronmental goals. We actively seek suppliers who share these goals. We encourage our clients similarly. As a team, we aim to live the life with minimal impact on our surroundings.

SOCIAL: We will not tolerate social injustice. We respect all our colleagues, clients and partners, irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability, or health status. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: We aim to set clear targets, be fully accountable, and to operate with ethical codes of conduct. The REDI organization embodies a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. The company seeks to build strong relationships with partners who share a commitment to growing the solar electrification movement of Bangladesh.

PARTNERSHIP: We cannot achieve our mission alone. We actively seek collaboration with those endeavoring to think in new ways. We will not do business with those opposing change. SSS Enterprise have many partners to achieve success in business.

TEAMWORK: Teamwork is a key component of SSS Enterprise operating procedures. The company has built teams of qualified individuals who share this philosophy of teamwork. This notion of teamwork extends from the management team down to each SSS Enterprise employee and also extends to our customers, suppliers, partners and investors who seek to power and develop the vulnerable remote villages of Bangladesh.

PASSION: We are determined to succeed. We challenge the statuesque that stands between us and our dream. The success of SSS Enterprise is fuelled by employees who are enthusiastic about our business and our mission. SSS Enterprise seeks to convert such energy into stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. Passion and enthusiasm will continue to drive the development of SSS Enterprise.

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