Enlighten the Solar Energy

Solar technologies such as photo voltaic home systems portable lamps and solar mobile phone charging systems use solar power to provide affordable electrical energy to isolated communities. Solar can charge through the day using the sun’s rays and provide hours of light after dark.

In most rural places in the developing world there is no electrical supply at night to light up homes, streets, schools and hospital. Children cannot see to learn and adults cannot be productive. Solar power can also be used to run other pieces of equipment such as computers and refrigerators.

We support small businesses selling and distributing simple solar technologies which are improving the quality of lives of thousands of people.

Solar energy is the energy that we get from the sun, as a result of nuclear fission reactions going on inside it. This energy is in the form of heat and light. Solar Energy is essential for a majority of living organisms on earth to survive. The plants, animals, certain micro-organisms, all survive due to the solar energy or by consuming substances which require solar energy to evolve. Not only does it affect living organisms, but also non-living things. For instance, many phenomena in nature like the wind, storms, rains, sea waves etc. are all dependent on this form of energy.

Having realized the true potential of solar energy and its importance, humans are now devising methods to utilize solar energy in our daily lives since it is a major source of renewable energy and in the fact that makes it all the more valuable. Some well-known solar energy utilizing devices are solar cooker, water heater, solar cells which can be used in multiple devices.

To make it mandatory to utilize this source of energy to the maximum, many countries have set norms for building green buildings. These are energy efficient and are dependent primarily on solar energy. They also help in cost cutting.

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